Business Auto Insurance Shellfish Farms

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Nov 042015

Business Auto Insurance Shellfish Farms – Quotes are Available in all 50 States!

Business Auto Insurance Shellfish FarmsWhen you’re looking for Business Auto Insurance for your Shellfish Farm contact Duncan and Associates Insurance Brokers at 800-228-8291

Or click on Business Auto Insurance Shellfish Farm to submit your request for information or quotes 24 hours per day.

It’s important to work with an agency that understands your needs as a small business owner.

The good news is that we specialize in providing competitive insurance solutions for Shellfish Farming operations throughout the United States.

One mistake commonly made is making a purchasing decision exclusively on the price that you pay for the insurance.


Shellfish Farm Business Auto Policies May Not Be Identical.

A business auto policy may contain major differences in coverage based on something called the AUTO DESIGNATION SYMBOLS.

It’s easy to assume that the business auto policy works in a similar fashion as the personal car insurance policy as it includes some similar features.

For instance you can have split limits of liability such as 100/300/100 limits, uninsured motorist coverage, medical payments coverage, comprehensive, collision, car rental, and towing and labor on both the personal automobile and business auto insurance policy.

However there are some significant variances when you take time to analyze the Commercial Auto Policy.

For example, AUTO DESIGNATION SYMBOLS is not something you will find on the personal automobile policy.

Picking the wrong symbol for your business could lead to coverage gaps and claim denials!

What Are Auto Designation Symbols?

The AUTO DESIGNATION SYMBOLS are the contractual description of what vehicles are covered, and how they are covered by the insurance company.

For instance a symbol 1 will cover any vehicle.

It provides the broadest coverage with no limitations or restrictions other than the exclusions and conditions contained within the policy.

In contrast a symbol 7 covers only the vehicles described in the declaration page for which a premium is shown.

Symbol 3 provides coverage for only private passenger autos only, so for instance a sedan, pickup truck, or minivan. There could be some limitations on pickups depending on the gross weight limit.

If you do not choose the correct auto designation symbol for your vehicles, you might find yourself paying a claim completely out-of-pocket!

How Do You Know What Shellfish Farm Business Auto Policy Is Best for Your Needs?

When you work with one of our specialists we can help you choose the most suitable coverage to protect you financially.

Contact Duncan and Associates Insurance Brokers today at 800-228-8291, or you may request information online about all types of insurance for Shellfish Farming Operations when you click on Business Auto Insurance Quotes for Shellfish Farms.

Product Recall Insurance Shellfish Farm Insurance

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Oct 092015

Product Recall Insurance for Shellfish Farms Now Available.

Product Recall Insurance Shellfish Farm InsurancePurchasing product recall insurance for your shellfish farming operation is a smart decision and we can help!

Call Duncan and Associates Insurance Brokers at 800-228-8291 or click on Product Recall Insurance to submit your request for information and product recall insurance quotes.

Our company specializes in providing insurance for shellfish farming operations throughout the United States, including product recall insurance.

The Typical General Liability Insurance Policy Excludes Product Recall, Learn Why.

Coverage for product recall is not covered by the common general liability insurance policy.

Please note how this exclusion reads in one general liability insurance policy:

Recall Of Products, Work or Impaired Property

Damages claimed for any loss, cost or expense incurred by you or others for the loss of use, withdrawal, recall, inspection, repair, replacement, adjustment, removal or disposal of:

(1) “Your product”;

(2) “Your work”; or

(3) “Impaired property”;

If such product, work, or property is withdrawn or recalled from the market or from use by any person or organization because of a known or suspected defect, deficiency, inadequacy or dangerous condition in it.

So as you can see product recall is excluded under the typical shellfish business insurance policy, however specific product recall insurance is available.

Why Purchase Product Recall Insurance for Your Farming Operation? 

Unfortunately product recall is becoming more frequent. 

One insurance company listed five reasons why companies should strongly consider purchasing product recall insurance:

#1 – It happens more frequently than you think.

#2 – Government oversight is stronger today.

#3 – The costs are prohibitive to businesses.

#4 – The mistaken belief it won’t happen to your company.

#5 – Product recall insurance is the first line of defense.

Probably the biggest mistake shellfish farming companies make is dismissing the idea that a product recall will not happen to their business.

What type of cost would you incur for a product recall?  Could your business absorb a complete harvest recall and survive financially?

Questions that are important for you to think about.

We Offer Product Recall Insurance for Shellfish Farms!

In addition to standard general liability insurance for shellfish farming operations we can provide shellfish product recall insurance.

Call us to discuss your needs for Shellfish Farming Insurance by calling 800-228-8291 or you can send us your request online by clicking Liability Insurance for Shellfish Farms.