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Commercial Boat Insurance Washington State – Call Us Today!

Commercial Boat Insurance Washington StateIf you’re searching for commercial boat insurance in Washington State contact Duncan and Associates Insurance Brokers at 800-228-8291.

We offer liability insurance, coverage for your aquaculture equipment and accessories, Jones Act Insurance, in addition to commercial marine hull insurance in Washington State.

Coverage is available in all 50 states call us for information and quotes.

Why Choose Us for Commercial Boat Insurance? 

As an independent broker we specialize in aquaculture insurance including providing coverage for the vessels used in a variety of different applications including commercial boat insurance for shellfish farming.

Our aquaculture insurance specialists can not only help you choose the appropriate coverage for your individual operation but we will also help you to learn how to adequately protect your largest financial investment, your business!

Carefully Review Your Coverage So You Know What Is Covered.

The biggest mistake any policyholder makes is not reviewing your policy to determine what is covered, but most importantly what is not covered.

For example would the typical Washington state commercial Hull insurance policy cover the following claim incident?

Stanley Kent owns a small shellfish farm and employs Tyler Jones a married man with two children & Brandon Bennet who just turned 19. Stanley owns a 30 foot 1978 Monark that is insured for liability and Hull coverage.

Stanley owns and operates 10 mussel rafts. On Thursday Stanley catches the flu and is too sick to go to work on Friday and he calls Tyler to let him know that he and Brandon will be working without him for a few days.

He casually warns Tyler to be cautious and watch over Brandon as he tends to sometimes engage in foolish activities because of his young age.

Tyler and Brandon head out to the mussel rafts to begin their day. There’s quite a bit of work and Tyler and Brandon are working hard trying to make up for Stanley’s absence.

Tyler knew it would be a tough day so he brought along a case of beer that he and Brandon could enjoy after work. Brandon without telling Tyler also invited a few of his buddies out on the water and they too brought their own alcoholic beverages.

Tyler didn’t see the harm in letting the young guys blow off a little steam.

Brandon’s buddy Jesse who probably consumed at least 10 beers in less than an hour decided to take a swan dive off of the back of the boat into the bay.

Because of his intoxicated state Jesse misjudges the distance between the boat and one of the mussel rafts and he hit his head on the leading edge of the mussel raft and knocks himself out.

At first Brandon thought that Jesse was messing around but after a minute or so he jumped in the water and he and Tyler pulled Jesse out.  They used their radio to call the coast guard and a helicopter was dispatched to take Jesse to the hospital.

Jesse suffered a severe concussion and his medical bills amounted to $32,117.  Jesse’s mother filed a lawsuit against Stanley Kent for the medical bills and negligence.

Will Stanley’s commercial boat insurance policy cover the lawsuit filed against him?

We’ll discover the answer in a future article.

Need Commercial Boat Insurance in Washington State? 

Contact the specialist at Duncan and Associates insurance brokers by calling 800-228-8291.

We can provide insurance solutions for any type of vessel when you are looking for commercial marine hull insurance in Washington State.

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